Small Luxury Resorts are a collection of Quality Resorts in Tropical Holiday locations across the World, offering Quality Accomodation at affordable Price.
Enjoy your stay at any of the below listed Small Luxury Resorts.

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Small Luxury Resorts

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French Guiana is an overseas region of France on the North Atlantic coast of South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west.

Though sharing cultural affinities with the French-speaking territories of the Caribbean, French Guinea is often not considered to be part of that geographic region, because the Caribbean Sea is located several hundred kilometers away to the west, beyond the arc of the Lesser Antilles.

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Tonga is one of the very few Countries in the World which was never Conquered or Colonized by a Foreign Country ; perhaps thats the reason for its undiluted Polynesian Culture. Tonga is an island nation of 170 plus islands, scattered over 260 Square Miles in the South Pacific Ocean .Tonga is located in the heart of the South Pacific lying east of Fiji, south of Samoa and north of New Zealand. Tonga lies directly to the West of the international dateline, being the first country in the world to greet the new day everyday.

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Tobago, the “Robinson Crusoe’s Island” is located just off the coast of South America, next to its big sister island of Trinidad (Large Oil and Gas Reserves). Tobago is rich with green rain forest clad mountains, vibrant turquoise seas and a wealth of flora and fauna unseen on other neighbouring islands… this is what makes Tobago the rare unspoilt paradise destination that it is.

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The ' Treasured Islands ' of Samoa are the crowning jewels of the South Pacific.

Surrounded by the warm crystal clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, travellers will find islands blessed with natural beauty and a tropical paradise where the environment is pristine. You will be humbled by the simple and happy lifestyle of the Samoan people.

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Costa Rica is located in Central America bordering Panama, Nicaragua, Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Costa Rica is one of the most highly valued tourist destinations. This small piece of land includes all of the necessary components to satisfy the taste of thousands of travelers visiting each year. Costa Rica is characterized by an impressive scenic beauty, a consolidated system of protected areas, social and political stability, high educational levels, and efficient infrastructure and services.