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Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 03:19

Estonia is the northernmost Baltic State and a former Soviet Republic. Estonia lies on the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe. Its a small Country with distinct seasonal attractions.

Estonia is bordered by Latvia, the Russian Federation, the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea.

Languages spoken are Estonian and Russian.

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. Tallinn has one of the most fascinating mediaeval old towns in Northern Europe, as most of the city's old wall and towers, as well as the crooked cobblestone streets, remain.

Estonia is a sea country the length of coastline is about 6 times longer than the mainland borders.

Estonia has more than 1,500 islands, 1,000 lakes, 7,000 rivers and streams. Bogs and wooded swamplands of different types cover over one fifth of the country.

Estonia is very rich in forests various kinds of forests cover almost half of Estonia's territory. Elk, wild boar, bear and lynx are amongst Estonia's common large mammals. About 10 % of Estonia is a nature reserve.

48% of Estonia is covered by woods. But not only woods - there are lots of wetlands, coast banks, sandy beaches, thousands of small islands.

Nature, architecture and centuries-old history of Estonia provide for a pleasant and interesting holiday. You will find a lot of interesting activities and attractions here. In the western part there are beaches with white Baltic sand, picturesque islands with untouched nature and modern resorts. In the southern part you will find scenic lakes among woody hills. In winter southern Estonia with its numerous hills is a perfect place for pilgrimage for those who enjoy skiing. In southern Estonia you will be amazed by a quick change of impressions.

Many tourists choose to visit Estonia during the summer season, although the harsh and snowy winters afford their very own choice of recreational activities, such as ice skating, skiing and even fishing.

In a nutshell, Estonia presents itself as an attractive mixture of a few metropolitan cities and numerous beautiful landscapes. Tallinn could be the starting point of an interesting journey through the country, preferably in the summer.

The Cozy Kubija Hotel and Nature Spa is surrounded by the lakes and pine forests of Southern Estonia. Time spent on holidays and health at the spa is all about balance, in nature and in yourself. The spa offers a variety of treatments to pamper yourself with before you unwind in its saunas.

Kubija Hotel and Spa is the perfect place to escape from your everyday concerns and from the hurly-burly of life in the city and to take some time out for yourself and enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature.

All rooms boast beautiful views over the lake or surrounding forests.


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