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Santosh Choudhary

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Monday, December 6, 2010, 04:03

Guyana is Located at the northern edge of South America, and bordered by Suriname, Brazil, Venezuela and the Atlantic Ocean. Itís the only English Speaking Country in South America.

As a tourism destination, Guyana is relatively unknown to most travelers, but those that venture in report this place to be an absolute paradise for adventure and nature lovers.

In the area of eco-tourism Guyana has become a hotspot and a new and sought after destination with the largest pristine tract of tropical rainforest, high number of biodiversity species, amazing wildlife, pristine rivers, mountain ranges, savannahs, wetlands, and indigenous communities with low carbon lifestyle.

Guyana is known for its rich and viewable wildlife and tourists are often fascinated by the amazing diversity in Guyana since it is known to be the home for the giants of the Amazon including the Harpy Eagle, Anaconda, Black Caiman, Arapaima, Giant Ant Eater, Capybara, Jaguar and the Victoria Regia Lilly.

Mountain climbing, trekking, canoeing, jungle survival, safaris, river trips, fishing, cattle ranches, wildlife watching, rapids, waterfalls, flora, and fauna, and pristine rainforests make Guyana a paradise for the adventure seekers .

Adels Resort is located on 60 acres of fertile land on the North-West section of Guyana. Adel Resort is at the mouth of the Akawinni Creek of the Pomeroon River in the heart of the Amerindian Reservation district.

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