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Tuesday, April 9, 2013, 23:39

The Marshall Islands is a Self-governing democracy in free association with the U.S in the North Pacific Ocean. It lies east of the Philippine Islands and northeast of Australia.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is one of the only four atoll nations in the world and is also one of the world’s youngest nations, independent only since 1986. The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls each made up of many islets and 5 islands. The atolls and islands are situated in two almost parallel chain-like formations known as the Ratak (Sunrise or Eastern) group and Ralik (Sunset or Western) group

The total number of islands and islets in the whole Republic is approximately 1,225 spreading across a sea area of over 750,000 square miles

The Marshall Islands scattered atolls and remote islands supports a population of about 70 thousand people .The atoll of Majuro is the capital.

Most of the people are Pacific Islanders called Micronesians. About half of them live on Majuro, and many others live on Ebeye Island. The rest of the people are scattered among the other islands.

Marshall Islanders are known throughout the Pacific and the world for their friendly and peaceful nature. Sharing with family and friends, a warm welcome for the stranger and caring consideration for others are values inherent to the Marshallese culture. The people have nurtured these values over the centuries. Cooperation and caring are necessary elements of survival on these small islands, surrounded by the sea.

The first people to live on the Marshall Islands probably came from Southeast Asia. Spanish explorers were the first Europeans to arrive. Germany controlled the islands in the late 1800′s, but Japan took over in 1914.

The United States fought Japan in World War II and took over the islands in 1944. In 1979, the Marshall Islands wrote its own constitution, a set of rules for government. In 1986, the country became independent. The United States Provides Military Support and gives Financial Aid to the Marshall Islands.

Marshall Island is one of the most beautiful countries in the world; in fact, it can best be described as a flower country. Most of its atolls are dotted with the fame of the forest, hibiscus and different-colored plumeria flowers. The over 160 different species of coral surrounding the islands also adds colour to its beauty 

Maloalap is a historical site. The major activity that you can enjoy here is site seeing by visiting the numerous wreckages from the Second World War and before. Fishing is also a great activity you can engage in and have a lot of fun at it. 

Bokolap Island is a must visit island whenever on holiday on Marshall Islands. Thousand of various fish species are found here for you sampling. On your scuba dive, you can tour the site of the wreck of an American torpedo plane that submerged to a depth of about 115 feet deep during the second world war. 

The glorious coral formations on the base of the shores of Kalalin Pass make it a captivating tourist spot on the Marshall Island for scuba diving. Diving amidst this fascinating coral formation is the most enchanting experience you can ever have. 

Laura beach lies on the western end of Majuro islands and about 40 kilometers from the town centre. This is the most popular tourist attraction on the islands. The beautiful golden sands and the warm climate are the main crowd pullers of the beach. Spending a day on the Laura beach surrounded by the gorgeous landscape is an experience unparalleled. 

The outer islands are a magnificent holiday destination. You can scuba dive as deep as you wish, relax on the beach or just hike through the jungles, coconut and papaya plantations and pandanus and breadfruit tree farms. 

The weather in the Marshall Islands is tropical - hot and humid, but tempered by trade-winds which prevail throughout the year. The average temperature hovers around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and rarely fluctuates.

US Dollar is the Official Currency of Marshall Islands.

Marshall Islands is about 4.5 Hours from Honolulu and about 11 Hours from Tokyo and can be reached through direct flights from Honolulu, Guam and Australia. Air Marshall Islands (AMI), the national airline, provide transportation between the atolls and islands of the Marshall Islands.

Long Island Hotel is situated in the Majuro Atoll. The hotel offers tastefully appointed rooms with views of the nearby beach. A restaurant offers dishes from the Asian and Western cuisines and facilities include a gym and tennis court.

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