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Saturday, February 19, 2011, 08:04
Republic of Palau is a sparsely populated Island Nation (Population of only 21,000 People in the entire Nation) situated in the Northern Pacific Ocean, some 500 miles (800 km) east of the Philippines.

Spread over an area of 460 Square Kilometers, more than 200 volcanic and coral islands, many of them surrounded by a single barrier reef, make up the nation of Palau.

The scenery in Palau ranges from white sandy beaches with an abundance of marine life to dense jungle. Palau consists of a unique and fascinating array of reefs, water and islands.

Palau is a tropical paradise famous for its diving. Palau is rated as one of the best diving destinations with its unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life. Blue holes, caverns, spectacular coral reefs and variety of marine species (1,200 types of identified fish) make it a perfect experience for divers in Palau.

Palau is a wonderful snorkeling destination too. Snorkelers are greeted by a wonderful array of coral gardens, reef fish, and white sandy beaches.

Palau has wonderful sights, both above and below water. There are hundreds of jade-colored rock islands and limestone formations in the shape of mushrooms. These have been eroded into unexplored maze of green walls, hidden coves, and other bays.

Besides extensive marine life, there are wreckages of the Second World War, Its artifacts spread throughout the lagoon of Palau.

Palau experiences a uniform temperature throughout the year. Average temperature hovers between 21 to 27 degrees Celsius. Humidity is high.

The Capital of Palau is Meleleok (Koror Previously) and the languages Spoken in Palau are English and Palauan.

Palau can be reached by air through Flight Connections from Japan, Hawaii and Phillipines.

Carp Island Resort in Palau is an ideal hideaway with Pure White Sandy Beaches, lush Forest and just few minutes away from the famous dive sites. All the Cottages are built on traditional design for Tourist and eco-conscious Guests. All the cottages are sea view.


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