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Thursday, February 10, 2011, 10:03

Paraguay is a landlocked Country located in the central part of South America between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.

It is home to an interesting indigenous culture, diverse national parks, sleepy riverside towns and lively and friendly river side capital city Asuncion.

It offers lot of beautiful landscapes, virgin and exotic nature, traditional cuisine, music, crafts, customs and much more.

It is one the least densely populated countries in South America. This unpopulated area makes Paraguay’s main tourist industry revolve around nature. This Includes jungles, waterfalls, exotic animals and plants, and historic sites. Paraguay’s untamed nature attracts tourists seeking rugged adventures with unexpected sights at every turn.

It has several national parks and the vast arid Chaco - one of South America's great wilderness areas with abundant wildlife.

There are a number of national parks in Paraguay. Chaco region has got the largest national park in Paraguay. A boat ride on the rivers of Paraguay is a good one for observing the variety of flora and fauna.

The parks and sanctuaries offer a lot of flora and fauna and the rivers help the tourists to experience the thrill of adventurous sports like yachting. The natural typography of the country is also perfect for hiking and trekking. Such varied features have helped the country in having some great tourist spots.

The climate in Paraguay is subtropical with hot summer months from October to April and cooler winter months from May to September that are the best time to visit Paraguay.

Paraguay can be reached through flight connections from Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia.

Languages Spoken in Paraguay are Spanish and Guaraní.

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