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Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 07:46
The islands of French Polynesia are a selection of volcanic islands and atolls strewn across the eastern South Pacific.

It is a French overseas territory located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, halfway from California and Australia. The International airport is in Tahiti, in the capital city of Papeete. Languages Spoken are French, Tahitian and some English (Tourism Industry).
The 118 islands of French Polynesia are divided into five groups: the Society Islands, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, the Australs and the Gambiers.

The Society Islands are the most-traveled group, and comprise bustling Tahiti, cozier Moorea, the surfer's paradise of Huahine, the honeymoon island of Bora Bora, and sparsely developed Raiatea and Tahaa. The Tuamotu group is a quieter collection of 76 low-lying islands with world-class diving. The other three groups—the Marquesas, the Astrals, and the Gambiers—are relatively pristine and undeveloped.

Travel to the islands of French Polynesia is a dream vacation – lush rainforest-covered mountains, tumbling into lagoons painted with every hue of blue, and an abundance of swaying palm trees and tropical fruit.

French Polynesia has some very beautiful beaches, lagoons and open ocean, and it's the water-based activities most visitors come for. The region is a mecca for divers who come to see the rich and abundant marine life in warm pristine waters and for some unusual diving environments.

They are primarily a group of romantic Islands and one of the most popular travel and tourism destination for wedding, honeymoon and other special occasions. Some of the most popular Islands are - Tahiti, The Marquesa Islands, Rangiroa, Bora Bora, Moorea lagoon etc. French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful and exotic getaways in the world making it a true paradise on earth. It is popular for its spectacular nature, exotic mountains, stunning lagoons and beautiful flowers.

French Polynesia's tropical climate has two distinct seasons. The wet season, between November and April, has average temperatures around 27°-30°C with high humidity, ample rain (75% of the annual rainfall) and brief, violent storms. The dry season, between May and October, has little rain, drier air and slightly cooler temperatures.

Te Tiare Beach Resort is situated in a private bay in Huahine and can be reached by a 35 minute flight from Tahiti’s Faa’a International airport. Visible from Raiatea, Taha’a and Bora Bora, Huahine is composed of two volcanic islands - Huahine Nui & Huahine Iti, which are joined together by a bridge at a narrow isthmus.


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